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Makk Family – Musician, World Famous Painters

The Makk family are world famous painters that have been gifting the
world with their beautiful paintings for over seven decades. Americo
Makk (1927-2015) was an internationally acclaimed master painter and
recognized with many awards and honors including the American
Ecclesiastic Award, the European Banner of the Arts, the Oscar
d’Italia, the Alfred Nobel Medal for Peace from the Einstein
International Academy Foundation, the Outstanding Achievement Award
for Western Paintings from the American Biographical Institute and the
Gold Medal from the Hungarian Prime Minister for his donation of 13
murals accurately depicting Hungarian history.

With art exhibits in galleries and museums throughout the United
States, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, Hungary, Brazil,
Canada and Japan, Americo was even selected to paint a portrait of
President Jimmy Carter in 1979 and President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Eva Makk is just as talented and together with Americo painted large
murals in sixteen cathedrals and churches on two continents. One of
those murals is the largest single-themed ecclesiastical painting in
the world stretching half a football field in length, or 28,800 square
feet, on the ceiling of a 150 year old Cathedral in Manaus, Brazil.
And their two murals housed at Queen of Peace in Aurora, Colorado are
seen by more than 5,000 visitors each week.

Also known by her portraits, Princess Kyoko Osano of Japan, President
and Mrs. Ronald Reagan, and US Senator Daniel Akaka are among the many
dignitaries who have selected Eva to create their portraits. But it is
the emotion you can feel from her paintings that make you fall in love
with Eva.

Their time in Brazil where they were commissioned to go on deep
expeditions into the Amazon rain forest to paint the indigenous tribal
people earned them the titles: Official Artists of the Brazilian
Government. As many of those tribes no longer exist, the paintings
have become a rare historical documentation of elusive tribal life.

Eva now resides in Hawaii with A.B. (Americo Bartholomew) Makk, her
son, who has been exhibiting his paintings since the age of four by
the insistence of his patron and first collector Don Jose Tupinamba de
Frotas, a Bishop of Ceara, Brazil. AB has also been recognized with
awards such as the Distinguished Americans Award for Excellence in
Scenic Painting, the New York Graphic Society Recognition for
Impressionistic Painting, and the Arpad Academy Gold Medal.

Now Eva and A.B. enjoy supporting charities and non-profits such as
the American Heart Association Hawai’I, the Cancer League of Colorado,
Global Down Syndrome, Habilitat, Make-A-Wish Hawai’I, Hawaii Theatre
Center, National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii, Queens Medical Center,
Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, Veterinarians International and, of course,
the Autism Today Foundation.

If you didn’t catch Eva and A.B.’s paintings on Hawaii 5-0, then take
a look at their gallery. Their beautiful artwork will also be
available soon in the Autism Today Marketplace where they will be
donating some of the proceeds of their art to the Autism Today
Foundation where we hope to help budding new artists find their place
in the world through our ARTS Network.

To the Makk family, we can only say thanks for making the world such a
beautiful place!

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