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The zPods Series

Up to 90% of children with autism have a sensory processing disorder,
which means that they are very sensitive to their surroundings. Many
of these children find cozy nooks to hide out in when they become
overly distraught. In fact, architects of autism-friendly environments
often incorporate a nook into their design so that these children have
an “escape space” in which to decompress.

Though the relationship with sensory processing disorder is not fully
understood, it makes sense that up to 80% of children with autism also
have a chronic sleep disorder. Factors that help them to sleep better
include lighting, white noise, and a removal of distractions from
their sleep environment. zPods give these children a place of their
own without distractions where they can feel safe while they sleep.



zPods Episode 1: George Bailey

Sleep. Often taken for granted until it’s not available. Then it
becomes the most important thing in the world. I should know. My
daughter has a sleep disorder and can go months without sleeping at
night. When you have two disabled children and one is up all night and
the other is up all day and you add work on top of that, lack of sleep
will slowly drive you bonkers. While sleep is vital to the development
and growth of your children, as parents, we know that if they don’t
sleep… we don’t sleep. So a child’s sleep helps not only the child,
but more than likely, every person in the house hold as well.

It is because of this that we are excited to be interviewing George
Bailey, who has created a sensory controlled space on top of a bed to
try and help individuals experiencing sleep disorders. Constantly
evolving, his zPods have a new made-in-the-USA version coming out this
summer. They have turned out to be a calming personal space for many
people already. Tune in to this episode as George gives us an
insider’s look at the zPod and tells us what it’s about and how it

Keep checking in as zPods and the Autism Today Foundation partners
with locations across North America where our viewers might be able to
experience the beds themselves before purchasing it so that they can
invest after they know it engages their child. And as a bonus, more
and more local governments and insurance companies are financially
supporting the purchase of zPods. We’ll keep updating our website as
news of this develops.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay kind!

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