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Aidan Guerra – Aidan Guerra Photography

You know you’re looking good when Aidan Guerra is the one taking the
photos. An amazing and quick eye for framing and depth, Aidan isn’t
just a photographer. He’s an artist. Already a veteran portrait and
wedding photographer, you couldn’t tell he was on the autism spectrum
with his quick wit and ready smile. A smooth conversationalist with
the public, he handles children and rabbits equally well. In fact, we
are so impressed by him, that Aidan is Autism Today Foundation’s
official photographer.

And if you think he is good with people, you should take a look at his
gallery of landscapes, wildlife and fine art. He sees beauty in
everything and he’s skilled enough to capture it. Please enjoy his
gallery. He’s got more coming and his art will soon be available
through the Autism Today Marketplace.

And while we will soon be interviewing Aidan directly so you can get
to know him, he has plans behind the moving picture camera as well as
we’re working with Aidan to develop a number of new series for you to
enjoy. Keep an eye out… Aidan is EVERYWHERE!


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